The book is currently being reviewed by leading railway publishers and hopefully will be well received and results will be posted here.

"I just had to write to you and let you know what an absolutely fantastic book you have both produced, superb photography as I would expect from yourselves and just the right mix of your personal reminicences and anecdotes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it made me forget I was ill for the rest of the afternoon as I sat in front of the fire and just read through every page and it truly took all afternoon."

Martyn Brailsford, 21st December, 2010

"Your book reminds me of the vast number of transparencies I took at the same time, none of which have ever been seen by the public. we could almost have been there at the same places at the same time looking at some of your photo's, It is a refeshing change to have a steam book so different from the constant flow of yet more books which are all the same...."

David Shepherd, West Sussex Jan 2011

"A most fantastic nostalgic collection of remastered photographs, Such wonderful memories of the steam era we were so priviliged to be part of..."

Paul Spencer ,Sheffield Feb 2011

"As a regular at Patricroft. I can say your photographs are superb. If there's more please put them in book 2... I think the shots of the Leccies and Bug Boxes is acceptable. Thats the way it was!"

Stuart McDonald, Manchester Feb 2011

"Thanks for a lovely book full of nostalgic and poetic writing, congratulations..."

Rev Dr M W Staton, York. March 2011

"In all seriousness it is one of the best I have seen in ages, and it holds such a special place for me not only because of knowing a joint author, but because it treads the path that I also trod in the 60s, trying to capture on film those last years of steam(nowhere near as effectively as you have done). Being Derby born and bread I regularly got up to Sheffield and the Manchester sheds, and I too have been on Tebay shed at 4 am, your pictures are so atmospheric that one could almost climb into them."

Melvyn Hopwood April 2011