Trans Limpopo Steam Safari, 1991

An amazing and historic journey by steam into Zimbabwe, and on to the Victoria Falls.

Featuring a wide variety of motive power through an even wider variety of landscapes into Zimbabwe. We visit the massive steam depot at Bulawayo which was virtually 100% steam operation in 1991, we then take a journey on to the West Nicholson branch line and later, on the line to Plumtree and the border with Botswana, featuring the many different classes of Beyer Garret locomotives and the historic 7th and 19th classes.

Then up to the stunning Victoria Falls, Hawanghe, back to Beite Bridge and back into South Africa where we visit the line into Sabie, and its stud of GF Garrets. We then take the steep and winding line to Graskop behind a 19D. then to the border with Swaziland at Barberton, behind double headed 19Ds. With a massive GMAM Garett we climb the ferocious gradients to Lydenberg on the Steelpoort branch. Then back to Johannesburg behind a 25NC through the Transvaal.

Running Time approx 60 min, 4 X 3 aspect ratio
Price £12-00 + £2-50 pp

Type: DVD

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